Monday, January 23, 2012


Unfortunately I learn from experience, that sometimes I tend to over commit! I get a lot of ideas, but get myself too busy to actually put in the effort that's actually required. As I mentioned in my post from this morning, today feels like a fresh start. As part of that fresh start, I've decided to combine my 3 blogs into 1. Don't worry, this main blog page will be staying, but I'm going to start posting recipes and book reviews to this page instead of an individual blog. Mentally, it will feel like less pressure as I haven't posted on either of the others for quite a while!

An update on the challenge I gave myself... I'm only up to dish 46. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of my challenge and convenience overtook attempting a new dish so I could add it to my blog! I don't feel guilty that I haven't been trying new recipes, but I do feel guilty that my poor food blog has become a little lonesome without any new posts recently! So, I thought it wouldn't feel so lonesome if it joined my Forever Springtime Blog... I have a couple of dishes that have been patiently waiting for posting, but certainly not enough to get me up to speed with my challenge! Disappointing for me? Not really! It's part of my fresh new start for my new year!

So, stay tuned for some recipes to start making an appearance on this blog page!

(and perhaps even some book reviews, if I ever get around to writing some on the books that are sitting on my desk, waiting to be reviewed!)

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