Friday, January 20, 2012

Life in Alphabet - G

is for Games. I love games.... and a wide variety of types - board, card, Wii, basketball and hockey to name a few.

I don't get to play that many board or card games. Big Spring isn't a big fan, so I have to get my fix when I visit my family down south, or catch up with game obsessed friends up here! When I'm visiting family, Mum and I play mostly card games... constantly!

Wii games - we go through phases of playing a lot and then neglecting it a lot. Wii games are the sort of games that Big Spring will play with me, so it's more likely the Wii will be turned on than a card or board game comes out of the cupboard! But that's okay... I enjoy playing the Wii! The Wii holds a special place in my heart. This may sound a little crazy, but hear me out! When Big Spring and I first moved to Adelaide for him to study at Australian Lutheran College (Seminary), we lived 'on campus' like many others. Two other lovely ladies whose husbands were also studying at the Sem invited me to play Wii with them. We got a little addicted and would often play until late in the evening, our game of choice being "Mario Party". Spending all that time together helped us bond and form some wonderful friendships which meant a lot to me, moving interstate and leaving behind friends and family. I now have fond memories of those nights!

Basketball... I currently play with a social team on Tuesday nights. We're not exactly great, but we have lots of fun and keep fit, sort of! It was one of the first things I started doing on my own up here - Big Spring offered to look after Little Spring, so that I could go out and have my own time, enjoying a friendly game of basketball. It was very important for me at the time, and it's part of my weekly routine most of the time!

Hockey... I haven't played for many years, but still think about joining a team up here. While many girls were playing netball at school, I played hockey and loved it. After high school, I didn't play for a number of years, but a friend in Melbourne played on a team and invited me to join her. I stayed with that club for many years and our team wasn't half bad (for our division!). After making the hard decision to stop playing, I haven't picked up my stick since. In Adelaide I was tempted to join a club again - one of the women in my mother's group played and my the managing director for the company I worked for also was in a team, so I had the connections that I needed... I just wasn't sure. Now, being up here in Cairns, there was a woman I met who helped out with basketball, who plays. So, again, another connection! So, maybe one day I'll join a team. For the moment, though, I'll just keeping thinking about it!

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  1. your family has always been into games too haven't they? I loved it when I stayed with you in Hamilton and remember playing card games with the whole family. So much fun!