Friday, January 6, 2012

Life in Alphabet - E

is for easel. We gave Little Spring an easel for Christmas and I'm absolutely amazed at how much she loves it! She really love painting and constantly asks if she can do painting. She certainly thinks outside of the square when it comes to choosing her canvases though... she does use the paper, every once in a while (!) but she finds many other creative ways to paint... on the windows, on the floor, on her body. Her latest canvas/victim is her doll....

Setting Little Spring up with her paints at her easel keeps her occupied for a long time. I really love that she enjoys it so much - I'm really not a creative person, so it's good that she's content painting by herself, while I'm nearby, but not needing to be with her, painting as well!

Instead of making her wear a smock (which she doesn't like wearing), we just strip her down to her nappy and she can paint to her heart's content, without us worrying about her clothes (although with the Crayola paint we're currently using, it comes off in the wash anyway, which we thankfully discovered after she did get paint on her clothes!

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