Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life in Alphabet - O

is for organisation. Or organised. Or organiser. You get the picture! I have a teenie, tiny reputation for it! And for good reason - I LOVE it! I love taking chaos and making order. I love excel spreadsheets (our budget is on a spreadsheet and allocated to the last cent!). I love planning events. I have lists for packing, when we're going on a trip, to ensure I don't forget anything (makes it so much easier when I don't have to think about what I need to pack, I just check the list and know that everything I need is listed on there). I've just done a list for what to pack when when going somewhere with a pool, or the beach. I meal plan each week (really helps with the shopping list, and how much I spend!).

I'm organised to a fault. Sometimes I try to be too organised and end up complicating things more than I need to, going overboard with detail that's really not necessary and confuse people with all the information (I've done that with my Avon clients, thinking I was doing a good thing by laying out a heap of information, but it was more confusing than helpful!). I'm learning!

With how much I organise, don't get me wrong - I do love last minute things. I like the two extremes - either an organised outing/event that is kept to the plan/schedule or a completely last minute let's catch up or do dinner or go somewhere etc. I think the reason I'm so comfortable with the latter is because it wasn't pre-planned, so there's no stress about it going wrong because there was no plan that could go wrong/off schedule.

Am I a control freak much? Maybe a little... okay, maybe a lot!

Organisation? It's my passion... when so many people would run for the hills at the mention of the "O" word! What about you?

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