Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life in Alphabet - B

is for baking. Such a yummy word! I love to bake! I even have a blog page dedicated to my love of baking (it includes general cooking as well, but baking is my first love).

As much as I love baking, I don't do lots of it. And why is that? Time, energy, the heat of an oven warming on an already hot day and the biggest reason? There's only myself, Big Spring and Little Spring living here in the house, which means we are the ones that eat the baking... all by ourselves. It's delicious - I must say - so we can't resist! It's not good for our waist lines. So, I don't do baking as often as I'd like. Poor Big Spring. When I actually do some baking, it's usually to take somewhere so he misses out on the pleasure (unless I'm feeling generous and leave him some to try!).

On our trip to the States for Christmas 2010, I received a wonderful surprise from my aunty... her mom's (my grandma's) recipe tin. Filled with so many delights! I'm slowly getting through many of her recipes, both main meals and baking. One of my most favourite, easiest, absolutely mouthwatering recipes is Grandma Ellie's Brownies. So I could share these recipes with all her (Grandma Ellie's) descendents, I transcribed the recipe tin into a recipe book and send it out to all the women of the family. It was so nice to share the treasure of her tin with them!

I love this photo as it captures 2 things I treasure dearly... the bowl is a mixing bowl that was my Nana's (Dad's mum) and the recipe book in the back ground is the one I mentioned creating above - filled with Grandma Ellie's recipes

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