Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life in Alphabet - D

is for deliveries. (Thanks to Big Spring for this great word!) Deliveries have become a big part of our lives since moving to Cairns. It seems that every week we are expecting something to be delivered to our door. With my Avon business, I have boxes of products arrive. Big Spring has a Nespresso machine and he has to order pods (refills) on line (he's currently waiting on a delivery now!). Over Christmas, we had multiple parcels arrive, filled with Christmas presents as we weren't sharing Christmas with family, so relied on Australia Post to do our gift exchanges! We also buy a lot of books/resources on line as we can't access shops like we used to in Melbourne and Adelaide, so there's often a parcel in transit making its way to our doorstep.

After all that, though, do you know what my favourite deliveries are? The unexpected ones! And they always seem to arrive at just the right time! You can read about one of my favourite unexpected ones here. The unexpected parcels are much less frequent than all the above ones mentioned, but oh so wonderful when you find it in the letter box, on the door step or waiting patiently until you can pick it up from the post office, wondering what it is you are picking up and who it's from!

So, a big thank you to Australia Post, FedEx, Australian Air Express and any other couriers involved in delivering products and love to our door!

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