Where the Idea Came From
  • The Original Package from my aunty that were my Grandma's
  • Most of the books from the package were recipe books dating back to WWI and WWII and in between.  Flicking through and reading the books, it got me thinking about how much has changed over the decades, especially about waste and how lavish our meals have gotten: US Food Administration, Master Mixes, Pocket Cook Book and Cake Secrets).  They challenged me to think about how I cook and view food.
What is it?

How to Register Your Interest:
  1. If you are a blogger, let your readers know about this experiment via a blog post and link up with me below, with a link to your blog post (not your blog); or
  2. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page; or
  3. Send an email to chattonell (at) gmail (dot) com.

At the end of the week, I'd really appreciate your feedback as I will use it to publish (anonymously) the findings on my blog.

Resources You'll Need To Participate (each dot point will have a link to click on.  If it doesn't, there will be one shortly, so stay tuned)
What about Desserts & Snacks?! (these aren't included in the menu plan - does that panic you at the thought you might be missing out?  Don't stress, I'm here to help!)

When is this Happening?
A few of us started the week starting Monday, 14th May, 2012.  However, if you haven't started but want to, or started a little late, IT'S OKAY!  Please still feel free to join us!

If you can't participate that week, then feel free to start it in another week or later date.  Just let me know when, so I can follow up regarding feedback accordingly.  If you stumble across this experiment later down the track, please try it out and let me know your feedback!

Everyone who participates in this Experiment with me, will go into the draw to win a handmade (by me!) vintage apron.  Winners are not restricted to Australia!

So, what are you waiting for?  Register your interest now and have some fun "Cooking like Grandma!"

My feedback:
Ingredients - Shopping


  1. Interested? You bet! I've been wondering about all those books you were sent...thinking of asking for an update, but this will do even better...and an apron!! I think you know I collect those!

  2. Hi Nell,
    I'm certainly interested, but won't be able to participate during the week of the 14th May. I'll let you know when I get a chance to do it and pass on my feedback!
    Take care,
    love T

  3. To Vicar of Laidley - I assume that's SJ?! If so, I didn't know that you collect aprons, but I'm not surprised to hear that either!

    To Tamara - that's great - thanks for your interest and don't worry about starting late. I'll still really value your feedback!


    1. Yes, it's SJ. I forgot to sign it, and have since tried to change the vicar of Laidley thing on gmail but can't work it out! Glad you could work it out.