Saturday, May 9, 2015

No Bake Clinkers Slice

Earlier this week, via Facebook, I discovered a very dangerous blog called Bake Play Smile.  The particular link was for Lucy's (the author's) "Easy No-Bake Bars & Slices".  The name says it all, really.  Dangerous, I say... dangerous!  Her blog should come with a warning label... a big flashing neon warning label!

I had to (yes, had to!) print off all the slice recipes attached to the link so that I can attempt them all myself.  I will not be weighing myself before, and definitely not after, making all the slices.

I loved Clinkers growing up, and still do, so of all the slices, the Clinkers Slice stood out and became the obvious pick for the first slice to attempt and here it is:

I'm pretty proud of myself, seeing as I  only realised as I went to make the slice that I didn't have the right equipment for the second step.  Most of our stuff is in storage at the moment, while we wait to move into our new house at the beginning of next month.  My food processer is included in the items in storage!  Not to be discouraged, I decided to (no)bake on and do it by hand.  Unfortunately I didn't even have a rolling pin I could use to crush the biscuits, so it did take a little more time and energy, but I got there in the end, albeit with more chunks of biscuit than is probably ideal!  Then the clinkers... thankfully I had put my good Global knife set aside to be with me at this temporary accommodation, or else I would have been in all sorts of pain.  As it was, my hand was sore hand chopping all the required Clinkers (they are hard little lollies when you start chopping them... I guess that goes with the name ('clinker' has a number of meanings, including cement!).  I finally managed to finish them and it was very satisfying tipping them into the bowl, ready for the next step!

The rest of the steps were a piece of cake, thankfully!

In addition to Step 7, I also added coconut oil to the chocolate, as Lucy suggests in her "How to Cut Perfect Slices" post on her blog.  Boy, that coconut oil smelt delicious!  And it worked a treat, so I'm very glad I took the time to buy and add it to the slice.

After I left the slice in the fridge overnight, plus much of today as I was out and about all day, I let it sit for 20 minutes before attempting to cut the slice (I'm very good at following directions exactly!).  I don't think I did too badly, but need a bit of practice to get it even prettier.  Having said that, it's the best looking slices I've ever cut!

In regards to taste, it's very yummy, but I'm disappointed that I can't taste the Clinkers as much as I thought I would.  That could be because of the disbursement not being as thorough as it would have been, had I crushed them in a food processor like I was suppose to.  I look forward to making them again once we're in the new house and I have my food processor back.  In the meantime, this slice will not be left uneaten!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! Glad you liked it! xx

    1. Everyone who's tried it, has very much enjoyed it! I took a poll of my 'top three' preferences of what to make next and it looks like the "Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hazelnut Slice" is the outright winner, so that will be next! :)