Friday, April 24, 2015

Grandma Ellie's Legacy

A long time ago (3 years ago, almost to the day!), I received a precious parcel from my aunty in the USA.  Having never really knowing my grandma (she died when I was very young, and lived in the States, while I lived in Australia before she died), it was a wonderful connection to her and I felt closer to her.  Previous to receiving the package, my aunty had also given me Grandma Ellie's recipe tin.  One of my favourite recipes in the tin was her brownie recipe, which is so easy to make and everyone who tries it, falls in love with it.

Included in the list of people falling in love with it, is a dear friend of mine.  She is a chef by trade and has recently started a new job at a cafe attached to a nursery in Cairns (beautiful cafe; if you're in Cairns, go and check it out: Vines at Limberlost!).  So, you might be wondering what this has to do with Grandma Ellie's brownies... well, my friend loved the brownies so much, she asked me for the recipe (which she won't share with anyone else in the cafe - they are her special items!), so that she could make them at the cafe.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to go in there on a day that she had made them, before we moved away from Cairns, but she did forward me a picture of them in the display cabinet, as she promised she would!

Although I call them Grandma Ellie's brownies, she insisted on calling them Nelle's Brownies.  In any case, I know what they are, and where they have come from, so this is very special to me.  I am so excited that Grandma's legacy shines through in these yummy brownies and it means so much to me that my friend insisted on having them in the cafe.

Apparently the brownies are "getting quite a reputation" at the cafe.  So, if you are in Cairns and can pop into the cafe, hopefully the brownies will be there in the display cabinet.  Order one, and know that you actually know the beautiful story behind the delicious dessert you definitely won't regret trying!


  1. What a lovely story. Those brownies sound amazing!!!

    1. They are absolutely delicious! And thanks for coming and checking out/spying on my blog!