Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm Back, Baby!

So, it's been almost one year since I've posted on my blog.  And I stopped feeling guilty about it.  When I was blogging regularly, I had a lot more time on my hands.  But working 4 days a week, and a full time mum, wife and many other things, I realised that blogging just wasn't a priority, so I didn't even keep thinking about it, let alone feel guilty for not writing.

However, circumstances have changed and I'm hoping to start up my blogging again.

When I last wrote, I was living in Cairns, working for MAF.  My family and I are now living in Melbourne and I'm not working at all!  Big Spring took a call (he's a Lutheran Pastor) to a new position within the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).  He's no longer a pastor of a particular parish, but a pastor involved in families, children and youth ministry Australia and NZ wide.  He was able to choose to be based out of Adelaide or Melbourne and with all of our families located in Victoria, it made sense that we chose to be based in Melbourne.  We moved down two weeks ago, today!  We are currently in temporary accommodation while the LCA go through the process of purchasing a manse (house) for us.  It's a little frustrating not having all our things (currently in storage), but we did get about 10 boxes of extra personal items to use while we are in this place (a fully furnished house), so it feels a little more like 'home'.

At this stage, I'm not looking to get back into a paid job.  I'm actually looking forward to being at home a lot more; I'll have more time for baking and experimental cooking, which I absolutely love doing, but wasn't able to as there just wasn't enough time or energy.  It also means that Little Spring will get the best of me, instead of a tired, busy, grumpy mummy after school.  I never felt that she got any quality time out of me.  I'd be getting home from work (picking her up from after school care on the way home) and just when she wanted to play with me, I'd more often than not have to decline as I needed to clean, cook dinner or collapse on the couch and just relax for a minute.  It wasn't ideal and I felt horrible.  But now, I can get a lot of that done during the day, ensuring that when she gets home from school, we can have quality time together.  And I just LOVE that and our relationship is blossoming more and more!

Basically, this means that, although I might not be blogging on a daily basis, I do hope I can blog more regularly than I have in this past year.

So, welcome back to me and more importantly, welcome back to my regular readers... however many or few that may be!

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