Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coming Up This Year...

I'm always trying to cut back on what I'm doing, but always manage to find new and exciting things to cram into my life!  This year I'll be (in no particular order):

1. Obtaining a Certificate IV in Business Administration via an online course.

2. Completing the Old Testament Syllabus of The Bethel Series.

3. Losing approximately 10kg so I can get my hands on my new Nikon Coolpix P520.

4. Getting my hearing back in my right ear.  Disclaimer: there's no guarantee that this will happen, but I'm being optimistic!*

5. Heading down to Sydney for Hillsong's Colour Conference and girl's weekend once again (Day 1, Day 2, Days 3-5).  We had a blast last year, and I can't wait to do it all over again. This year we are heading to The Lion King and it feels like a childhood/teenager dream come true!

6. Break in our new (secondhand) Prado along the Bloomfield track (north of Cape Tribulation - the northern most point of Far North QLD you can drive, before needing a 4WD to go further) during the July school holidays.

7. At the end of the year, organising a school uniform for my little girl who will be entering Prep next year!  I can't believe Little Spring will be going to school next year!  Being in pre-school this year, she's one of the older kids and absolutely loving it!

Hopefully I'll be able to spare a little time to keep you posted here on how things are going!

*regarding my ear, I had operation in January to fix another perforation of my eardrum... however, my specialist up here, sent me down to a specialist in Brisbane (apparently the best in Australia - yay!), who was able to perform a bone reconstruction as well as fix the perforation in the hopes that will fix my hearing.  You can now call me the bionic woman... I now have a titanium bone in my ear!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hey! Hey you!

Yep, I know... it's been quite a while, indeed.  It will be a year at the end of next month!  I'm making no promises to post regularly, but I do hope to start blogging again!  There's so much to catch up on!