Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life in Alphabet - M

is for married. Because I am... coming up to 10 years this May! Wow! Our 10 year anniversary. That seemed like years away when we first got married, but now, here we are about to celebrate it!

When Big Spring and I first found out that we were being sent to Cairns for his first parish, we were quite excited to think that for our anniversary each year, we could just drive up to the hotel where we stayed for our honeymoon, in Port Douglas. Alas, that wasn't to happen last year as it clashed with Pastors' Conference, which was held down in Brisbane. I then resolved myself to the fact that that would be the case every year because it's held around the same time. Good news, though! Pastors' Conference isn't until June this year, which means we can go to Port Douglas for our 10 year anniversary. AND we have a friend willing to baby sit Little Spring over night... how exciting!

In my previous post, I mentioned being upset because of my singleness. I knew that God 'kept' me single for a reason, which I couldn't work out at the time (He does work in mysterious ways, after all!). It wasn't until I finally met and married Big Spring to understand why. Big Spring is the man I am suppose to be with, and love dearly and am so thankful to God for bringing Him into my life. However, if He'd brought Big Spring into my life any earlier than when He did, then, although I may have been ready, Big Spring wasn't.

Big Spring was going through a rebellious stage, leaving the church at a young age and not returning until many years later. If I had met him during that time, firstly, I wouldn't have liked the scene he was involved in and secondly, he wasn't a Christian at the time and being a committed Christian myself, don't know how I would have coped dating a non-Christian refusing to go to church and teasing me about going (as he did with his family).

Anyway, Big Spring and I met on a dating website... he wrote to me on the Friday before he was being baptised. That's pretty good timing to me! He was giving his life to Christ the same weekend God was opening the door for us to meet!

Unintended, we married exactly a year later from the day Big Spring first contacted me... and we haven't looked back since (except to marvel at God's Work!).

So, 10 years on and we are happily married, with a beautiful little girl, living a life we never would have thought even close to what we would have dreamed at our wedding... considering Big Spring wasn't comfortable with the Lutheran church in our early years of dating/marriage, it's a little ironic that he's now a pastor in that same denomination! Not to mention, living in Cairns in Far North Queensland.

God is Good!

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