Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 2012 Date Night

As you may recall, I gave Big Spring a Christmas gift with a twist. We had our first Date Night from the January envelope last night. And here are the results:

The Date Envelope:

2 gift certificates for Sizzlers
Brochure for the "Xtreme Illusions" magic show
Book of magic tricks (just for fun!)

The Plan:
Little Spring was dropped off at the babysitters and Big Spring and I head to Sizzlers for pre-show dinner. We then headed into the city, to The Reef Hotel Casino for a magic show. It was initially meant to be "Xtreme Illusions", but there is a Limited Season show called "Mystique" which we saw instead. After the show, we headed down to the Esplande and had coffee/iced chocolate and cake before heading back to pick up Little Spring.

The Memory:
I plan to scrapbook the evening, but haven't gotten a chance to do that, so you'll have to settle for a very dark picture instead! Unfortunately (as with most shows) we weren't able to take pictures, so I couldn't take any of the show, and I didn't want to turn the flash on my phone on, so I thought that a dark, grainy picture was better than nothing!

(I haven't had much luck with the pictures in this post! I have no idea why our picture is upside down... and the sideways picture at the top seems to be a standard for many of my pictures... sorry!)


  1. A magic show . . . how fun! Sounds like a great date! And I see that you are in Australia. My husband lived in Melbourne for 2 years as a missionary for our church. It is on our list to visit again someday.

  2. How wonderful that your husband lived in Melbourne. Where abouts? After finishing high school, I lived in Melbourne until 5 years ago, when we moved to a different state so my husband could study ministry. Please let me know when you come to visit Australia again... there are so many wonderful places to visit (include Cairns, in Far North Queensland, where we are currently living!).

  3. awesome! fun to see what everyone is doing-
    Great date ideas