Friday, December 30, 2011

A Christmas Gift With a Twist

This year for Christmas, I decided to give Big Spring a gift with a difference. I got the idea from the blog "find joy in the journey" and could hardly wait for Christmas Eve to come so he could open it up. I was somewhat nervous, however, as I wasn't sure he would be as excited about it as I was. But, I needn't have worried... Big Spring LOVED it! So, what was this gift? I guess you could call it our Activity Box:

In this box, contains an envelope for each month of the year. Each envelope contains a pre-planned activity for us to do. Big Spring isn't allowed to open each envelope until the beginning of the relevant month. I let him open up January's envelope early, but you won't find out what the activity is until after the event and I blog about it!

There was one extra envelope in the box, which held 'instructions' on what the box contained and how to 'use' it:

The envelope contained a calendar, representing booking in our date for each activity, written instructions, explaining the box and a block of chocolate, in case Big Spring felt a bit ripped off for not having received something tangible for Christmas that he could use straight away (he also got a wallet from Little Spring, but still!).

My plan will be to scrap book about each date night, so we have a collection of our (hopefully!) memorable dates throughout the year... and possibly beyond if this concept takes off as a yearly tradition!

I also plan to blog about each event, so stay tuned for each of those!


  1. Great minds think a like I did the same for Tim! He loved it!

  2. It was actually from your blog that I came across Shannon's blog, so thank you very much for the tip! I was going to include you in the 'credits' for finding this idea, but I couldn't find your post, mentioning her blog, so I didn't... sorry! :)

    So glad that Tim loved it as well... can't wait to find out what's in each envelope for him!