Thursday, May 31, 2012

#35 (36 to 36)

I've been a busy beaver today and managed to complete a task that I can cross off my 36 to 36 list. Number 35 already:
Create a weekly planner.  I already have my diary for 'appointments' and know all the regular things I need to do each week, but I want to plan my week better, so I can better manage my time. (i.e. have a set blogging day/time and a strict time of when I work on my Avon business etc.) and hopefully have more quality time with Little Spring during the day, more quality time with Big Spring in the evenings and earlier nights (so I can achieve #8, #18, #20 and #25).
Instead of just doing a basic paper one that I write on each week and then throw out when the week's finished, I decided to go all out and print up something pretty and laminate it, with matching laminated cards for the tasks.  I was going to use Velcro to attach the tasks to the calendar, but went with blue tack instead.  I think the Velcro would be too fiddly and I realised that if it was stuck on the calendar, you couldn't write on it if you wanted (using a whiteboard marker, you could add any additional notes or the non-regular appointments/tasks you had in that particular week).

I'm not usually one to blow my own horn so boldly, but I must say, I'm pretty proud of how it looks, I think because it turned out a lot better than I'd expected (especially with dramas I'd been having with my colour printer).  I designed the calendar and cards myself, printed them off, laminated them, cut out the task cards and voila - see for yourself:
 The Calendar - Slightly smaller than A3 when placed together (2 A4 calendars put together to make one)

The Task Cards - colour coordinated depending on the type of task

 The finished look! Based on my calendar for when we return from our trip down south in the coming weeks

If you are interested in having one of these Weekly Activity List for yourself, I'd be happy to customise one just for you and send it off.  Just let me know and I'll work out how much it will cost.  I can customise the colour of the calendar, the words to go on the task cards and the colours used to colour code the type of tasks.

So, 1 task down, 35 to go!


  1. My Dear Ernie,
    this doesnt suprise me - you were always the most orgainsed person in this office!

    1. LOL... funny you say that... another friend commented that I should be "working for the president (of the USA, that is) with your skills". I may be a little OCD, but I'm learning to embrace it!

  2. So when are you coming down south?????? Mum

    1. Sorry, down south, meaning south of Cairns... which is almost the whole of Australia! We're off to Brisbane for Pastors' Conference/Synod and then Adelaide for 18 month graduates' debrief. Trust me, you'd know if we were heading your way! xxx