Friday, May 4, 2012

Life in Alphabet - X

is for X Generation... Generation X! "The generation born after the Western post-World War II baby boom endedWhile there is no universally agreed upon time frame, the term generally includes people born from the early 1960s through the early 1980s, usually no later than 1981 or 1982"  Born in 1977, I definitely fit that criteria!

I did a little more research and found this list of traits of Gen Xers...
  • Individualistic
  • Technologically Adept
  • Flexible
  • Value Work/Life Balance 
I think I can relate to each of those characteristics, even if not for the same definition that was given on the website!

What generation are you, and do you agree with the 'generalisation' that is made of your generation? 

Just 2 more letters to go and then I'm finally finished my Life in Alphabet... this was suppose to be a month long project, but has turned into quite a few months!  Oops!


  1. :)
    I'm a Gen Y...some of the stereotypes annoy me a bit!

  2. I can imagine, Loz... there are some pretty big stereotypes for Gen Y... glad I'm in the Gen X range because they don't seem quite so 'slammed' as what the next generation is!

  3. Hello from Aunty Ellen
    I was born in 1945 which is the year ending the "Traditionalists" and 1946 which became the "Baby Boomers". I think I identify more with the latter 1946-1965. The traits of this large group are:

    I can see some of myself in each of these, but I think they fit when you look at the group as a whole. When I looked up the traits of the Traditionalists I knew I did not identify with any of those traits: submissive - tech challenged -- traditional.

    I often taught the Myers Brigg Type Indicator as part of customer service and/or team building. If you want to read more about it I am an ENFP. Every time I taught the class I would get push back from several people who did not like to be type-cast and put in a box. I agree we all have some of the characterictics of all, but it gives us a common language to help us understand each other. I think the same holds true of the generational names.

  4. Funnily, I sound like a "Traditionalist" almost through-and-through! I'm quite submissive and very traditional, but wouldn't say I'm tech challenged. Interesting regarding the Myers Brigg and other such indicators, I don't mind being put in the box, seeing as I always seem to go to the extreme and everything described for that personality/type etc, I was exactly as it was written... as if that was written specifically for me! Interesting how different people react to these tests... which I guess affirms their personality type also!