Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adventures and Play Dates

The Spring family recently traveled down to Brisbane so Big Spring could attend Pastors' Conference.  While he was there, Little Spring and I hung out with some dear friends.  We did this last year as well, while Kim's husband and Big Spring hung out at the Conference.  Here's what we got up to (very kid focused as you can see!)...


 we walked to the local shopping centre for lunch

  had fun in the play ground (loving the static in Little Spring's very fine hair!)

chilled back at home (can never take a candid picture if Little Miss Photogenic is aware of the camera being out!)

 showed lots of 'love' to Samuel, Evie's little brother who we finally got to meet


Little Spring and Evie get their groove on at Tiddlywinks (THE best concept ever - a cafe for the mums to sit and eat/drink and a huge dance floor for the kids to dance around on, with a very interactive, very kid-friendly DJ) (With rhythm like that, Little Spring is definitely going to be having dance lessons sooner rather than later!)

 Kim and I headed out to a mummies only dessert evening after dinner.  I ordered the Baci cake... the plate was a work of art!


An annual event - the playschool concert!
Little Spring loves being a surrogate big sister to Samuel!

Disappointed this photos is upside down - I love Little Spring's big eyes in this one as she cuddles her new Jamima doll (last year at the Playschool concert, she got Humphrey!).

Playing chasey on the big oval after a fun time at the concert.

Later in the afternoon, I packed up our bags and the car, while the boys finished up at Pastors' Conference, ready for our drive down to the Gold Coast... stay tuned for the next installment of our southern adventures!


  1. Love seeing Amy's social life expanding and having such fun with her friends. Thanks Janelle. xx Nan Spring.

    1. We're so grateful for the internet, that we can keep our family up-to-date with how we (and especially Amy) are going. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

  2. Very cute. She's a very rythmic little girls. Howe she's growing up!!! A. Cas

    1. She certainly is rhythmic... Vaughn has finally agreed that she should have dance lessons, if it's something she'll enjoy doing!