Friday, June 29, 2012

Unexpected Suprises!

Thank you shopadocket!  I never check the back of my supermarket receipts because there's never any vouchers of interest on there, so don't bother.  The other day, for some reason I flipped it over and discovered a lovely little gem.  Discount voucher for the hairdressers... a very good valued voucher.  And it got better... it was from the hairdressers I've been to once before and had planned to make my regular hairdresser.  And I'd been needing a haircut and colour for a long time (with a friend's wedding coming up, I knew I really needed a freshening up!).  I couldn't believe I was looking at this great voucher!  It was perfect timing.

So, I booked myself in and arranged a friend to babysit Little Spring.  And what a fantastic morning I've had.  I knew I was in for more than just a cut and colour, going by the package that was on offer, but there was really a surprise around each corner.

When I got there, they took me to their beauty section, where they waxed my eyebrows and then proceeded to tint them and my eyelashes... something I've wanted to do for quite a while.  That was an unexpectedly nice surprise.  When they'd finished with my eyes, they proceeded to do a mini facial.  Mm... relaxation, followed by a shampoo.  Totally relaxing!

I was then taken back to the salon section, where the hairdresser cut my hair.  At this point, I figured that my pampering experience (aside from the usual cut and colour) was over.  It looked great, having a fresh new cut, and I hadn't even had the colour put in yet.  Next came the colour and waiting whilst the colour 'took'.

I was then taken back over to the beauty section, where the basins are and they rinsed the colour out.  I was once again pleasantly surprised when this was followed by a hair treatment, slight scalp massage and a hot towel wrap on the hair.  Heavenly!  This was surely the peak of my pampering.  Nope!  She rinsed the treatment out and then proceeded to perform an even deeper scalp massage!  Mm... this couldn't get any better!

With the hair rinsed, it was time to go back to the salon section for my hair to get dried and styled.  Well, that's what I was expecting... instead, once I was seated, the assistant asked if I was ready for my Indian Head Massage (including shoulders).  Oh, yes indeedy, I was ready!

Finally, the hairdresser dried and styled my hair and that was the end of my "me" time!  All whilst enjoying a delicious hot chocolate and yummy bite sized "Boost" bar!

After paying for this pampering session (well over 3 hours worth!), they handed me a gift bag packed with even more value... three more vouchers for free, valued between $40 and $80, a mini book on 'styling essentials' and hair product samples.  I love value for money and I walked out of there a very happy lady!

The eyes have it - waxed and tinted!

Lighter and more coverage than I was expecting but still love it!  I had told the hairdresser that I wanted a lighter colour this time, so it's not like I didn't actually ask for it!

So, what do you think!?

This experience has certainly taught me that I need to check my supermarket receipts in future, to make sure I'm not missing out on any more shopadocket gems!


  1. Oh wow! It's like a mini spa day! Sounds like a really nice time! And it looks really great too!

  2. Definitely like a mini spa day... hopefully I can get the special deal again when I need my next hair cut! And thanks... I'm pretty happy with it too, although I feel it's a little long at the back still. Actually considering going back and asking them to chop a bit more off. Most hairdressers are happy for you to go back if you're not happy, but I've never done that before... tempted though! Will see! :)