Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Friends in Adelaide

Before coming home after our trip to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we travelled further south to Adelaide, SA so we could attend our 18 month review/debrief (wow... it's hard to believe that we've been in Cairns for almost that length of time).

Because the wives of the graduating pastors for 2010 are so close, it was a wonderful time of fellowship and catching up, even though it was a 'requirement' and 'facilitated'.  It was helpful to share our struggles, challenges and praise points at our respective parishes as a group.  On the Wednesday night, we organised a gathering of the husbands, wives and kids (where applicable).  Many of us hadn't seen each other since the husbands were ordained; a lot had change, obviously, in those 18 months!  Here's what we captured on the night:

The Pastors from the Graduating Class of 2010 (minus one)

The Wives of the Pastors from the Graduating Class of 2010! (again, minus one)

And we attempted to get the kids all in one shot... but that was never going to happen:

 All the kids at least in one spot, even if not ready for a picture, so I attempt to take a quick snap because I don't know how long that moment will last... but someone's butt got in the way! (I won't mention who the guilty party is... lets see if the rightful owner recognises their own derriere!)

 Samuel and Little Spring staying put while the rest of the kids go AWOL before we get a chance to snap a formal picture

Almost all the kids gathered, but Micah and Grace not happy (brother and sister) and Eliza takes the opportunity to make a break for it

I give up on a group shot and try and snap some individual poses so we at least have a picture of every kid to look back on and compare at our next reunion...

Poor Samuel, he just sat patiently throughout the whole ordeal wondering what the big deal was.  He stayed in place and posed, ready for the camera!

Micah now happy as he was free from the torturous horrors of having to sit and pose for a group shot!

Unfortunately we never got a picture of all the kids together before we left the Sem in 2010 (I'm saddened by this, but wanted to make up for it with the group shot attempted above, but at least we tried this time!).  Anyway, here are the group shots of the adults from their respective ordinations and graduations (Sem Wives Graduation Celebration - an annual event for the departing wives):

 2010 Ordination Class

Sem Wives Graduation Class


  1. Lovely Nell!! Was so great to see everyone and hear how different, yet similar our experiences have been so far! Take care, love Tamara xoxo

    1. So sorry, Tamara... I just realised that I didn't get a shot of Elias at all. Doh! That's really frustrating!

      Looking forward to our next catch up, no matter when that may be!