Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Special Mummy-Daughter Day

On Saturday, while Big Spring went to Synod, Little Spring and I headed out to Seaworld for a very special Mummy-Daughter day.  I didn't realise just how special it would be until we were there.  We got there very close to the opening time, to make the most of the day.  I used Little Spring as a gauge, to see when we should go home (i.e. when she got tired and/or grumpy, I would take that as my cue to head back to our apartment where we were staying).  Much to my amazement, except for one little outburst just before lunch, Little Spring was wonderful the whole day.  She was truly in her element and I enjoyed sharing the time with her.  Here's how the day unfolded:

Welcome to Seaworld!

Checking out the penguins... just like "Happy Feet"!

Little Spring seeing some dolphins up close for the first time (and bringing back memories of when I was at Seaworld when I was 16 or so, when I first fell in love with them!)

Resident polar bear!
Looking at all the stingrays.  We could pat them, but Little Spring wasn't keen!  I touched a few though!

Little Spring absolutely LOVED the dolphin show, and so did I!  On my life bucket list is to swim with dolphins... one day!

Sponge Bob Square Pants parade.  First ever experience with Sponge Bob and not overly impressed.  Thankfully Little Spring wasn't too taken by it all, so isn't insisting on watching more!

A very cute, excited little girl having her lunch on the lawn.  Stocking up on energy for a very big day!

Waiting for Sponge Bob 3D movie to start... thought I'd give him a second chance after the parade.  Alas, a big disappointment and confirmed that it won't be a regular viewing in our house!

After looking at all the animals, it was time for some fun on the rides... wasn't sure how she'd go on the carousel as the last and only time she's been on one (in the States in a shopping mall), she hated it and cried and clung to me the whole time.  This time, however, she absolutely loved it! I did capture her enjoyment on video, but the file is too big to load...

Next ride, a plane!  Little Spring was in her element, considering how much she loves flying in a real plane.  She was even able to make this one go up and down by herself!

Dora the Explorer show - we've never watched Dora on TV before, but Little Spring got the hang of it pretty quickly... she certainly loves her dancing!

Shark watching from the safety of behind the glass!

 A beautiful blue-sky rainbow turned very vivid when the sky turned grey very quickly!

2nd last ride for the day, which I discovered just before we started heading home... can't believe I'd missed it earlier in the day, not that we didn't already have plenty to do!  The sacrifices of a parent.  By this stage it had begun to rain lightly... Little Spring was kept nice and dry in the cabin of the truck, but I had to sit on the top, exposed to the elements!  She was too short to ride by herself, so I stuck it out in the rain for her enjoyment!

The very last ride for the day and I'm REALLY glad that I found it right before we left... it must have been Little Spring's absolute favourite ride of the day.  Considering how much she loves turbulence on a plane, this would have been right up her alley.  I was hoping to upload a video, but unfortunately it's too big again.  Every time the seat dropped, she laughed so much!  My grown up girl - her first ride all by herself (all the other rides, I had to accompany her, which was fine by me!)

 We very unexpectedly lasted a whole day and it was time to go home.  The sun was setting and getting dark quickly!  I managed to snap this quickly as we headed towards the park entrance (we left right on closing time!).

Time for one final photo before heading back to the apartment... I hadn't taken any of the two of us all day, so thought I better mark this special occasion with a picture!

I wasn't surprised to turn around in the car and see Little Spring sound asleep!  A big day for her - she did so well and I was so proud of how well-behaved and happy she was for almost the entire day!

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