Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 25

A picture of you last year and how you've changed since then

Seriously? Well, it's easy enough to find a picture of me from last year... but how I've changed? I don't really have another picture that would reflect that very well. And what exactly has changed about me? I don't really think much, except superficially (i.e. no deep changes have occured, that I can think of!)... okay... let's find a photo from last year and see where it takes us!

Right! So, the first thing I had to do, was find a picture of me from last year... I had quite a few photos to choose from, so thought I'd go with literally, a photo of me from one year ago (as opposed to just 'last year'). The closest I could think of was the "Sem Wives' Graduation" night which is held at the end of November/beginning of December. Instead of going with a traditional, front on view, I decided to choose this side view for something different, and to show off my hair, which I'd had done at the hairdressers just for the evening (Big Spring told me to go and get pampered for my special night - sweet!).

And the second part of the challenge... how I've changed.

Hmm... this is hard! I can really only think of 'superficial' changes... does that make me shallow?! Well, let's start with those then. I've changed:
  • where I live (moving from Adelaide to Cairns)
  • from being the wife of a student to the wife of a pastor. Although the bigger change was for Big Spring becoming the pastor, of course there are implications for me. I guess I could go into how becoming a pastor's wife has changed me, but to be honest, with the lack of sleep I've had lately, and lack of time now, I'm not prepared to broach that subject right now! Briefly, in some ways it hasn't changed me at all, but in other ways, life has changed completely! A satisfactory answer? I think not, but that's all you're getting from me for now!
  • how I spend my days. When we were living at the Sem, my life mostly revolved around Sem life and those living there. I would do most things with my friends living next door and up the road and would often pop in for a drink, or walk up the road to hang out at our local coffee shop. Now, I don't live next door to all my friends and the local coffee shop isn't just up the road to walk to. Instead, I've had to find activities for Little Spring and I to be involved in and catching up with friends more involves making a date and meeting up, rather than a last minute, knock on the door with a suggestion for a catch up.
  • the dynamics of friendships. I've got some wonderful friends all over Australia. Some of these friendships were forged over 4 years living at the Sem, in fairly close quarters to each other. Now that we are all living far apart, the dynamics of those friendships have changed. Not to say that we aren't friends, or any less of friends, just that with our situations changing, our friendships have as well, being long-distant types. Coming up to Cairns, I had to consciously change the way I thought about friendships up here because I was so used to the Sem life and those friendships and it was such a unique situation!

So, I don't really know if I did a good job on this challenge, but that's me at this point (sleep deprived and have dinner on in the back ground!).

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