Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 17

Sorry everyone... I've been a little busy and fallen behind! Time to catch up!

A picture of your biggest insecurity

I used to be more insecure about my stomach, pre-baby. However, after having Little Spring, I now have the 'excuse' that I've had a baby, so feel I have more of a reason to have a tummy. Not to mention the fact that I don't have a picture of my belly to show you (surprise, surprise!)... so I thought I'd show you another insecurity:

Okay... when I was thinking about this photo topic, my mind kept drawing back to this photo as I've always hated this photo of me (as much as I LOVE the memory of when it was taken)... but as I look at it now, I guess it isn't as bad as what I thought, but I'll analyse it for you!
  • Mostly, I hate my red cheeks. I've always had rosy cheeks throughout my life and although they don't seem as rosy as they used to when I was younger, I'm still conscious of the redness. If we are going somewhere and I know there's the potential for photos to be taken, I'll put a little bit of makeup on... not much, mind you, just enough to cover a bit of the redness.
  • My double chin... it always shows up in photos! I've tried to do that whole tilt your chin/head forward in a picture so it eliminates the double chin, but that generally doesn't work and I end up looking even more awkward!
  • The top I'm wearing... what was I thinking? It was too big for me and so very unflattering! But we'd somehow acquired it (I think it was given to Big Spring), but it was warm and I was travelling to the USA, in winter, when it was very cold... (oh, so THAT'S what I was thinking!)

So, I guess that kind of covers my insecurity...

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