Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ready for Pool Time Fun!

Now that it's coming into wet/summer/hot season in Cairns, we thought it time to invest in some pool toys and other items to enhance our pool time experience:

Toys for both Little Spring and Mummy & Daddy!

Little Spring LOVES the independence her floaties bring! And Mum & Dad love not having to hold her 100% of the time while in the pool!

Little Spring showing off her kicking!

Little Spring & Mummy showing off their new bathing suits! (Little Spring now smiles automatically as soon as the camera comes out... I don't need to tell her to smile anymore! LOL)

Little Spring enjoying a ride on "Hippo", another way of being independent in the water!

We've all spent a lot of time in the pool this last week and a bit... it's been lots of fun and each day the water's been getting warmer, so the initial climb into the pool as gotten much easier! We love how much Little Spring loves the water, especially when she has the floaties on. She really kicks about and moves around in the pool. I'm truly amazed at her confidence!


  1. love the bathers Janelle! Lucky that the weather is getting so warm...we've got some temperamental here! have a swim for us! x

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately the pool time fun has been put on hold again... lots of rain and it's been quite cool. Today was pretty humid, though, so maybe the rain and heat are both arriving slowly, but surely!