Saturday, October 29, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 6

A picture of your favorite memory.
Wow! A really hard Photo Challenge today! As I think back on my life, many images flash before my eyes: the birth of my daughter; seeing my daughter in my womb for the first time via ultrasound; the day I found out I was pregnant; my wedding day; the day I met my husband; all the trips visiting my family in the USA; all the youth camps I went on as a teenager; how do I choose just one?!

So, I've decided to cheat a little and post one of my favourite pictures of myself:
This is a picture of my beautiful black Labrador, Tess. She now lives with my brother (when we moved to Adelaide, the place we were moving into was too small for a dog, let alone a Labrador). Anyway, I love my hair in this picture and the smile... and Tess sat still long enough for us to take the picture! When this picture was taken, we were living in Adelaide... we'd come back to Melbourne to celebrate my 30th birthday and Tess came and stayed with us at Big Spring's parents' house, where we were staying.

I'm disappointed that the photo has turned on its side... a flaw of blogspot that I haven't yet been able to fix... as you'll see in a number of my posts!

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