Monday, October 24, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

A photo of yourself with 10 facts...

Fact 1: It's very hard to find photos of me, let alone ones that don't have Little Spring in them as well... hence why I've used an old photo from my webcam.

Fact 2: I've often taken pictures of myself with the webcam as an alternative to using the mirror, to see what my make up and/or hair looks like!

Fact 3: I get very homesick for the USA... even though I've never lived there (all my mum's family are from there, hence the connection).

Fact 4: Growing up with my parents, I only lived in 2 houses until I was 18 and moved to Melbourne. Living in Melbourne, before I was married, I lived in 5 different houses/units. After getting married, my husband and I have lived in 9 different houses/units. Therefore, I'm a pro at packing, moving and unpacking!

Fact 5: Since I was about 5 years old, I'd get a toy rabbit of some sort from Easter Bunny/Mum every year up until my first Easter with Little Spring... and I still have ALL the rabbits (residing at my parents' house)! Now Mum has continued the tradition with Little Spring.

Fact 6: Big Spring and I met on RSVP, an online dating site. My profile name was "femalecuteandsingle". Unintentionally, we were married exactly a year to the day that Big Spring first made contact with me. It was also my mum's birthday!

Fact 7: My very first job was cleaning a chemist at 12 years of age. I got a whopping $2.50 an hour! Until I went on maternity leave, before having Little Spring, I'd always had a job... except for 1 week when I lost one of my jobs and was looking for another.

Fact 8: I have now lived in 3 States of Australia and visited 6 States/Territories. I've never been to Western Australia or Tasmania.

Fact 9: I've been in at least 16 States of the US (there could be more, but not sure which ones!).

Fact 10: I've only been on 2 continents and in 5 countries (Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico & Fiji).

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