Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home Improvements 2

Big Spring and I were busy yesterday, converting our 'dumping ground/junk yard':

into a proper storage area, as we'd planning to do since we moved in:

It was a big day... grocery shopping in the morning; dropping that off at home; heading off to Bunnings to buy the shelving; bringing it home and clearing everything out of the storage room; constructing the shelves (by the 5th unit, we had the assembly down pat!); and putting everything back in the room, in an orderly fashion! So, a big day, but so satisfying!

While posting on more home improvements, I thought I'd also show you the indoor/outdoor area update... we stored the tinnie off site a while ago, so the room's been converted for a while. We had planned to make part of the area an entertainment section, but have decided to just keep it as a huge play area for Little Spring for the moment:

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