Sunday, October 23, 2011

Growing Up

My little girl is certainly growing up!

I took this picture on my first official 'main' grocery shopping outing with Little Spring, when she was 10 days old.

Big Spring took this picture on our latest grocery shopping outing as a family, with Little Spring now being 2 years old.

Can you see any differences? LOL My, oh, my! It's hard to imagine how much she has changed... of course, that's nature and all part of growing up, but it's amazing to look back on baby pictures of Little Spring... in some, she is barely recognisable as the same little girl, and in other pictures, you can recognise the same looks that she still has now.

When Little Spring was a wee little thing, I had people comment "Oh, look how small she is! You forget how small they are!". And I thought that I couldn't possibly forget how small she was when she was born - she's my precious little angel and will remember everything about her. 2 years on and what am I thinking? I can't believe how small she was... and can barely imagine her being the small little baby she was, until I see the pictures!

Thank you, God, for my precious little bundle of joy and thank you that's she's growing up... just as she's suppose to!


  1. oh what a little cutie! I do miss seeing her little face on mondays...and not to mention yours too! :) xx she's changed heaps!

  2. Big Girl! Wow. Still so gorgeous though. xx

  3. Yes... the common thread with both friends and strangers is:

    Stranger/friend: "How old is she?"
    Me: "2."
    Stranger/friend: "Wow! She's tall for her age, isn't she?"

    That's happened so often! She's as skinny as a been pole, too!

    Lauren... hopefully we might be able to catch up when we're in Adelaide for Jade's ordination... would be so wonderful to see you!