Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

I love getting snail mail... and when it comes in the form of a parcel, it's even more exciting! Yesterday a package finally arrived from my Aunty Ellen, who had sent it from the States a number of weeks ago. I was expecting a special present for Little Spring inside, but was pleasantly surprised to find something in there for me as well!

Firstly, the parcel came as a "brown paper package", but not tied up with string! After unwrapping that, I found a gorgeous box which I can think of many things to use it for... inside the box was Little Spring's special present - a book that's recordable, so she can listen to the story anytime... being read by her Great Aunty Ellen. How sweet, and amazing, is that? Something to certainly be treasured! Even though Aunty Ellen lives so far away, her voice can be heard at any time by opening a book! Such a thoughtful present!

The rest of the box was filled with measuring cups and spoons... when Aunty Ellen found out I was making so many of her mom's recipes, she said that she would bring over some measuring cups and spoons when she next visited so that I could use the same quantities that were originally used (even though the recipes work with the metric cups and spoons). Anyway, it was a lovely surprise to find a set of each in the box for me! Now when I'm baking, I can use my Grandma Ellie's recipe, my Nana's mixing bowl and my Aunty Ellen's gift of measuring! Such a family involvement, without actually having my family physically here! (wouldn't that be lovely, though!)

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