Friday, October 21, 2011

Quitting Motherhood?

Thanks to the gypsy mama for her post "For the days when you want to quit motherhood". She wrote it a week ago, and I'm still catching up on reading posts from blogs I follow regularly!

Her words were ones that I need to read, hear, absorb. As mothers/women, we aren't know for standing up and saying how hard it is... we just talk about the good times and keep up the appearance of our 'perfect' life for everyone else. Which isn't helpful because every other woman then feels that they are alone in how they are feeling... such a perpetual feeling of 'I'm the only one', 'I can't possibly speak to anyone, less they judge how inadequate I feel.' Know the feeling? I certainly do.

So, right here now, I'm saying: motherhood is hard! There are times when I want to quit my job, my 24/7 job. Gypsy Mama summed up my feelings pretty well, so take a look at her post for for a more detailed description!

With no sick leave, no holidays accruing, on call at all times, where are the benefits? Well, my daughter is the benefit.

I am so thankful for the wonderfully supportive husband who helps me raise my little angel. So yes, my life can be hard as a full time mum, and thank you to all the other mums/moms out there who admit it, but when I see Little Spring smile at me, or come and give me a cuddle on my leg, or kiss my arm, head, cheek, etc, just because, I melt and decide that I wouldn't give motherhood up for anything... until the next time I'm feeling exhausted, irritated, moody, upset... you get the picture! When I'm feeling like that, I need to read Gypsy Mama's post and know that it's okay to feel like that, but to take up her suggestions... on a side note, I do have her suggestion #5 down pat " Chocolate"!

And the most important thing that I often forget, but should always remember? I have the ultimate support in God... He's just that prayer away (actually, He's not even a prayer away... He's here right now, prayer or not!).


  1. Heh - yes, that chocolate suggestion is the easiest one to follow for all of us I think :)

  2. Definitely! And it's not something I even have to think about... it's an automatic. A pity most 'good habits' aren't as easy to pick up! ;)