Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life in Alphabet - S

is for Surprise Packages. Yes, I kind of already covered this in my "Life in Alphabet - D", but this just backs it up! Big Spring, Little Spring and I just returned home from a mini retreat and greeting me at the front door, was a package. It was sent all the way from the U.S.A. by my wonderful Aunty Ellen. She had mentioned that she was sending me something, but I had no idea what, so it was a surprise to open the box.

I was so overcome with emotion to open it... inside were some very special, very old documents. The accompanying card explains...

"I have been cleaning out my garage - UGH! and going through lots & lots of memories. As you are the "keeper" of many of Mom's things, I am sending you items that I collected after her death. They are not all recipes, but all were touched by her at some time. Enjoy the love passed down through generations."

She also included a little present for Little Spring - a gorgeous apron with cats all over it. She loved it and started to count all the cats (she loves counting things at the moment!). I can't wait to do some baking again soon, so Little Spring can wear it... she loves baking and I'm sure will love to wear the apron too.

Anyway, here are the books/documents that were my Grandma Ellie's...
- "Master Mixes - Save time and money (1972)" - a list of recipes to make 'master mixes' yourself instead of buying from the supermarket.
- "Portland Home Economics Work Book 8th Grade - 1936 Edition"
- "Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cook Book (copyright 1927)"
- A scrapbook collection of recipes. Grandma Ellie wrote in the front: "Camp Fire Girls - About 11 years old when I made this".
- "United States Food Administration - War Economy in Food with Suggestions and Recipes for Substitutions in the Planning of Meals (1918)"
- "Reliable Recipes" - a recipe and hints & helps book published by "Calumet Baking Powder Co."
- "The Westinghouse Refrigerator Book - Hints, Helps and Recipes (1936)"
- "Cake Secrets" - a recipe and hints & helps book published by "Ingleheart Brothers."
- "The Pocket Cook Book" by Elizabeth Woody and members of the Food Staff of McCall's Magazine
- "Arithmetical Essentials Book One"

I've already flicked through each of the books and can't wait to sit down again and actually read each one. They will certainly be very interesting to read, especially the one published by the US Food Administration.

Thank you, SO MUCH, Aunty Ellen, for providing me with such precious things. I didn't know my Grandma at all as she died when I was very young and she lived in the US, while I live in Australia, but reading her recipes (I've previously received her recipe tin) and now these books, I can get an understand and picture of the time Grandma Ellie lived and feel that bit closer to her.

I live far away from my American family, but with all the packages they send (this was a precious one that was sent a while ago) I know I'm loved and not forgotten (!) and feel more connected to receive these items.


  1. welcome back to blogland! What a lovely package to receive! Lots of lovely treasures!

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Yep, it's been a while, huh?! Life's been happening while blogland remained quiet... now that Easter's past, I hope to have a bit more time up my sleeve again! And yes, a very lovely package indeed! Hope you and Tim are well... Vicarage finished (already?!)... now begins the sprint to Ordination! See you in 2 months! xxx