Friday, April 27, 2012

March 2012 Date

So, this is our March 'date' which we finally got around to going on today, in April!  Unfortunately due to weather and busyness of Lent/Easter period, we weren't able to go until now.  I know this isn't a date with just Big Spring and me, but the purpose of the box I gave Big Spring was to see some things around the beautiful area we live in and other times to have quality time with just the 2 of us.  In this instance, it was a family date and it was great to get away for the day as just that - a family.  Anyway, here's the date wrap up!

The Date Envelope:
Brochure for Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve
Timetable of feeding times of animals
Safari animals (just for fun!)

The Plan:
We left a little later than expected because today is Big Spring's day off and he needed a little sleep in.  We were there by about 10am, so were able to see most of the animals at feed time.  It was amazing how close all the animals were.  I expected them to be in the middle of an enclosure and not really be able to see much, but it was quite an 'up close and personal' experience.

We'd planned to buy lunch at the cafe while we were there, but were disappointed to be advised that due running costs, it had closed down. (there's something about my pre-planning these envelopes that causes circumstances to change!).  Anyway, we were advised to go down the road to a take away outlet, so did so and came back to enjoy our food in the park.

After that, we continued to watch the feed time of animals until we decided we were pretty tired from walking around all day and left a bit early before seeing some of the afternoon feeds.  We can always go back and check them out another time!

The Memory:
Still haven't started scrapbooking the events, so here are some photos of the day... oops I forgot to take pictures of the family together... I get caught up taking pictures of Little Spring and surrounds, that I often neglect a family shot!
I love the bottom left shot - when we first walked up to the lion enclosure, 2 lions came over and started staring/watching Little Spring.  From the look in their eyes, I'm sure they were thinking "lunch"! (For a better view of the photo collage, just click on it and it should take you to another screen.)

Here's a video of the lions coming in when their food was ready... I wouldn't have wanted to get in their way, that's for sure!  (sorry about the quality of the video... I haven't used my still camera for ages to take videos and it it's so grainy and of poor quality compared to the video on my phone!)


Nearly time for our April date... with just a couple of days left in the month, I wonder if we'll make it!?  I don't think so, but we'll see!

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