Saturday, April 21, 2012


Elijah Philip

This little guy is my spunky nephew.  My 'baby' brother's first child.  I use the word 'little' very loosely as his is anything but!  He was born, weighing in at 9lb, 12oz (4.43kg) and 52cm long, with very big feet and hands, apparently!

I'm devastated that I can't meet him yet... he's in Melbourne with his proud parents and I'm not sure when we'll be getting down to Victoria next.  Thank goodness for Facebook and phones with cameras so I feel I can a little bit closer.

Elijah is my first blood nephew (I don't have any blood nieces either).  Big Spring's sister has 2 children, so I do have a niece and nephew, but none from my side of the family, until now.  It's very exciting and I'm so in love with him already!  Now Mum and Dad (Nana and Poppa) have pigeon pair grandkids!

I get teary just looking at all the photos... he's so beautiful and I love him to bits.  I also get teary thinking about his name.  I love the name Elijah, but I love the back ground to his middle name - Philip.  That's my older brother's name.  So he's named after my older brother.  I think that's so touching and lovely!

Father & Son.  How proud does my brother look?  And how confident at bathing?!  A natural Dad!

The expanding Hartwich Clan - Nana, Poppa, Ben, Rachael and 'Little' Elijah

Have I mentioned how cute this little guy is?!


  1. Congratulations Aunty Janelle! I hope you get to go to Victoria soon so you can meet Elijah and love on him lots and lots!

  2. Thanks, Loz. Until we get to Melbourne, I'm devouring pictures of him over the internet. Thank goodness for modern technology that allows us to do so!

    On another note, the count down begins until we see you in June... so very close! May is just around the corner, with June following closely behind!

    Blessings to you and the downhill run to Ordination! xxx