Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Package

Not only was this lovely package waiting for us when we got home today, but a special package for Little Spring!
It's a tradition that my mum sends Little Spring a bunny of some sort each year for Easter.

If you were keeping up with my 30 Day Photo Challenge, you will know from Day One, Fact 5, that it's been a very long-standing tradition!

Fact 5: Since I was about 5 years old, I'd get a toy rabbit of some sort from Easter Bunny/Mum every year up until my first Easter with Little Spring... and I still have ALL the rabbits (residing at my parents' house)! Now Mum has continued the tradition with Little Spring.

These are Little Spring's previous Bunnies:

First Year (my, how she has changed since this picture was taken!):

Second Year (hasn't changed quite so much, but still not the same little girl from last year... especially much, much taller!):

Third Year (haven't got a photo of her together with the bunnies from this year, but this gives you a comparative photo of Little Spring over the years!):
On a side note, I used to collect "Sylvanian Rabbits" (which is what the bunnies are that Little Spring received this year) when I was younger... they were my equivalent of beanie bears, Pokemon... whatever the 'young ones'' collection trend is at the moment! I still have them all... at Mum and Dad's, of course!

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