Friday, April 13, 2012

Life in Alphabet - U

is for United States of America (who couldn't see that coming?!). In case you are a new reader, I better expand on that! You see, I'm an Australian who has lived in Australia for my whole life, but a big (very big) part of my heart belongs in the good old US of A. My mum is American - she came to Australia in 1972 on a 5-year stop over to work as a Lutheran teacher, before traveling the world and then heading home.

What happened? My dad happened! They met and fell in love... she stayed for good and the rest is history! So, because of Mum's citizenship, I was able to become a duel citizen of the USA and Australia. So, I'm also American. Mum's family still live the USA - my dear, sweet family too! I've been to visit a number of times and some have visited here. Our catch ups are (too) few and far between, but when we do have those catch ups, every minute is so precious. I have such a connection and bond with them, it's amazing. We may live with an ocean between us, but that means nothing... we may be living apart, but our hearts beat as one.

I miss them all so very much, but with the internet, a good postal system and iPhones that allow free calls, the distance is made that little bit smaller.

So, without having lived there, I know that "America" is in my blood. I love everything American. Aside from my beloved family, I'm in love with their food, restaurants, clothes, prices, availability of shops, interstates, snow, how they do Christmas (and all the wonderful, warm Christmas decorations you can buy)... and so many other things. I get homesick for the USA (more to do with my family than things I've just listed) - can you actually be homesick for somewhere you've never lived? I've always wondered that!

Yep, it's in my blood and I can't see it ever leaving!

(And before publishing this post, I thought I'd make a little confession: I wish I could be called "Mom" instead of "Mum", but that wouldn't work! I don't have an American accent to justify trying to get Little Spring to also say it with an accent. I live in Australia (and do love it, by the way!), am surrounded by Australians and without an accent myself, it would seem very strained and unnatural to use the word "Mom".)

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