Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooking Like Grandma - The Experiment

Yep, I've talked about Grandma Ellie's books for awhile and now it's time for the big launch of:

The Experiment

So, what exactly is it?  I'm going to attempt to spend a week cooking (and eating) like Grandma Ellie.  I want to find out a number of things:
  1. How much money I can save, if any, or how much extra it will cost.
  2. How much wastage I can cut down on.
  3. How different the dishes taste compared to the lavish dishes I/society prepare now.
  4. Can I save time in the kitchen.
  5. If it's really possible to live off Grandma Ellie's diet* (recipe books) or something that really needs to be left in the past.
  6. With today's availability of food, can I find ingredients as close to what was available to Grandma Ellie or find equivalent ingredients so I can stick as close to these recipes as possible?
  7. Health wise, how does my body react to the diet* in regards to general well-being, weight loss/gain, energy levels, emotion etc?
  8. When cooking for more than just me, how did the other consumers react to the dish/es?
  9. Would I try doing this again?
I would really encourage you to help me in my experiment... I'd love your feedback, based on the above nine points I want to answer for myself.  If you are interested in participating in this experiment and/or know someone who might be, please pass this information on to them as well - please help spread the word!

I am collating all the information needed for the experiment on a page on my blog dedicated to "Cooking Like Grandma: The Experiment".  Keep this link for your own reference, and pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.  Head over there now to get more information (including details on a giveaway!) and to register your participation!

(Over the coming days/week, I'll be building up the resources needed for the Experiment, so be sure to subscribe to my blog, so you stay updated!)


  1. Would be very interested Nell, could I do it after I get back from holidays?? How early/soon would you want feedback is my concern, we'll be away for a month that's all... Love Jules (prenzler)

  2. That's fine, Jules! Thanks for your interest! Have fun on your holidays! I assume you're travelling for a certain wedding coming up very soon!? xxx