Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dish 52 - Grilled Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

Grilled Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
Wrap of choice
Cooked, shredded chicken
Mozzarella cheese
Sweet chilli sauce
Coriander, for garnish

(I have not included quantities as this will depend on your individual taste - include as much as or as little as you'd like)

  1. Lay the wrap down flat and add your desired amount of chicken, cheese and sweet chilli sauce down the middle of the wrap.
  2. Fold each side of the wrap inwards and place on sandwich press/grill and heat until cheese has melted and the wrap is toasted to your satisfaction.
  3. Remove from press and cut in half. Use coriander to garnish and enjoy!
Recipe Source: My own invention, based on a wrap I used to buy at a sandwich bar downstairs from my work... many years ago when I still worked in South Yarra. I've never been able to make this before because I didn't have a sandwich press, but my MIL wonderfully bought one for me as a very early birthday present, so we've been going a little crazy with it since bringing it home last week!

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