Friday, February 3, 2012

End of Day

Wow! What a day it's been! Ready to hop into bed, but thought I'd share my day with you before I closed my computer for the night.

Picked up a friend to go retail shopping with her to get a new wardrobe (haven't bought new clothes in a year and thought it time for a freshen up!). On the way to the shops, someone in front of me at the intersection decided to reverse into me... and then drive off without stopping to exchange details:

Thankfully the dent has popped out a little, so it's not quite as bad as what it looks like in that picture... but we still need to get it fixed. I'm hoping the kind police officer who's looking into the driver's details can get a hold of the driver, so that we won't have to pay the excess on the insurance claim.

After that unnerving incident, it was certainly time for some retail therapy:

My first ever designer bag purchase! Thank you "Guess" for the wonderful bargain! The bag and 3 tops (not from Guess) was all we had time for as we had to get to the police station to follow up the 'hit and run'.

Got home and was organising the insurance claim for quite a while, then had time to relax before getting ready to go out for dinner and a basketball game with friends...

We had a delicious meal at a Vietnamese restaurant in town:

(Paul was a bit rushed to finish his delicious soup so we could get to the game!)

Once we got to the game (Cairns Taipans vs Townsville Crocodiles) we had an absolute ball! The atmosphere of the crowd was amazing and you couldn't help but get involved as well!

A close game, but Taipans came out victorious!

After a drive home, via a friend's house to drop her off, that basically ended a very interesting and eventful day!

How was your Friday?

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