Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 2012 Date Night

The Date Envelope:
2 DVDs
"Do You Know Your Wife/Husband?" - A quiz about the woman/man in your life
Menu for Thai Pan - our favourite Thai restaurant

The Plan:
We put Little Spring to bed, ready for our date night in! We pulled the futon mattress off the couch in the spare room and set up the living area with the mattress and heaps of pillows to relax and enjoy a couple of movies! We'd planned to order food from our favourite Thai restaurant and have it delivered, but was disappointed when I went to call them and got a message saying that the number had been disconnected! We didn't want to have to drive to go get our dinner, so decided to have left over meat loaf from another night. Not the most romantic thing, but it's one of Big Spring's favourite meals, so it worked out okay!

While eating dinner, we started watching the first movie. After dinner, we filled in some of our quizzes. Lots of fun for both of us and actually a really good way to get to know each other with questions we've never thought about before!

A really relaxing night, something we both needed and enjoyed. Even though we often watch movies in the lounge room, Big Spring felt it really was a date night because of the effort I put into it and because the room was set up differently. Definitely looking forward to doing this more often - a cheap and easy way to have a date night, even with Little Spring at home (she was good all night so didn't get disturbed by her needing us!).

The Memory:
Okay, still behind on my scrapbooking, but here are some photos of the evening:

The lounge set up, ready for a night in!

Not quite what we'd planned for dinner, but yummy meat loaf!

Chilaxing in front of the TV... very nice indeed!


  1. Perfect night in....cool lounge set up. =)
    Happy day

  2. i love date nights in! and i definitely want to get those quizzes, sounds like a blast!

  3. Did you love the quiz books? We thought they were so fun.

  4. did you watch morning glory? did you love it? We went and saw that at the moon light cinema and quite liked it! bummer about the thai place being shut!

  5. Teresa - thanks! Really changed the atmosphere for a date night instead of just sitting around watching tv!

    Amy - yep, those quiz books were definitely a blast! highly recommended!

    Shannon - we LOVED the quiz books. Even Hubby got into them, which is unusual. We haven't finished them, but looking forward to doing more on our next date night!

    Lauren - yep, watched both movies (actually, I watched both, V fell asleep during the 2nd one!) Morning Glory was certainly very funny and entertaining!