Thursday, February 23, 2012


Life's full of them... priorities. Well, at least a requirement to make priorities of some things over others. That's the story of my life this week, after returning home from a wonderful 10 days away.

Right now, I want to prioritise a nap over other things I need to do. I desperately need some sleep; but we desperately need food in the house (I've been away and Big Spring really embraced batchelorhood while I was gone!) and my Avon clients need their orders picked up and new brochures delivered... I do have an obligation after all - by taking Avon on, I need to look after my clients. It's days like this, though, I wish I didn't have that commitment. I'm not about to quit; it's just the timing of the latest delivery. I'm not one for whinging on my blog... just letting you know where I'm at! Not all days are like this, thank goodness!

Anyway, when I'm caught up on everything (house is looking better, emails have been read through, even if not responded to and I'm off to do grocery shopping and brochure deliveries this afternoon), I'm going to get back on here and get updated on my blog. Here are some things to look out for/forward to:

February's Date Night
My 10 days away
Start a special Lenten 'series'
Finish my "Life in Alphabet!'

Stay tuned!

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