Monday, June 13, 2011

Play At Home Mom

What a great job title for me! I admit, I can't take credit for it though... through a friend, I found "Play At Home Mom's" Facebook page, with a heap of fantastic, cool ideas for playing with your kids at home. So many craft activities that I want to start exploring with my Darling Daughter. I just discovered that they have started up their own blog page: Play At Home Mom so even more opportunity for inspiration!

I look forward to posting about the fun activities we do together!

Drawing special pictures for Nana and Nanny last month for Mother's Day and another special picture for Nana's birthday

Attempted painting a picture on the back of Nana's Mother's Day picture with home made paint (recipe found in a parenting magazine), but the paint was too thick and gluggy!

The end result for Nana's birthday drawing. Very colourful!

Another type of Darling Daughter's artistic ability. Her favourite canvas to draw on are our tiles! Here she is helping Mummy clean it up (thank goodness for Crayola - it comes off so easy!)

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