Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mary or Martha Moment

I'm having a Mary or Martha moment... each Wednesday evening I/we host a Revelation study with some people from the church. Being Wednesday, that's on tonight. And being the leader of the study, I'd normally have read through the study and leader's guide to give me a heads up before the study tonight... but I haven't! Hence my Mary or Martha dilemma. It's not an exact comparison of the original text but this gives you an idea:

Be a Mary and read up on the study in preparation (sit at Jesus' feet and hear Him speaking to me) or;

Be a Martha and make sure the kitchen looks a bit more organised than it is now, in preparation of our guests tonight?

Okay, so I know what the obvious answer should be, but it's not as easy as that! Normally, I would do the study during Darling Daughter's (DD) nap time so I'm not distracted or interrupted and can truly focus on the study and absorb the words and what God is saying to me. Unfortunately I'm in this dilemma because I missed reading up during DD's nap and now that she's is awake I'm not going to be able to concentrate like I need to. So, should I just clean the house instead because it doesn't matter if she interrupts me while doing that? *sigh* oh the decisions! LOL

Alright, so I'm procrastinating by blogging instead of reading or cleaning, but I just had to share... isn't the saying something like a problem shared is a problem halved... or something to that effect!

Time to go reading... or cleaning... or reading! Okay, decision made, I'm going to attempt the reading and see how may interruptions I get (I'm not hopeful for a peaceful reading session!) and then give up and start cleaning... at least I will have tried... and another saying just to keep the vibe going: it's better to have tried and failed, than to have not tried at all. Deep huh?! LOL again!

Okay, now I'm really going to go and read (I promise, I'm going to try!)...

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