Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Improvements

Now that we are settled in our home, I've found it time to go through each room and organise it a little better. As I mentioned in my first post on this new, fresh blog "you know when you move into a new house, you find places for everything, but after living there for a while, you realise there's better ways of putting things"... so I'm doing just that - finding a better way of putting things. Hence, Home Improvements!

My main focus has been rearranging cupboards and finding I have even more storage space than I realised, which is a wonderful discovery. I'm also happy to report that we now have a dedicated guest room, instead of a spare room that doubled as both a guest room and a toy/play room for Darling Daughter (DD) that contained a toy box and an area for her to play in. There were constantly toys all over the floor and the futon (when not functioning as a bed) was used as a dumping ground for stuff that needed to get put in the cupboard but I'll "do it later". We were never using the futon as a couch, so I decided to keep it as a permanent bed and moved the toy box out of the room. The result: a guest room!
(it's no Plaza Hotel but Hubby & I both love the feel of the room when we walk passed it now... feels more welcoming & seems to complete the house!)

(this is what it previously looked like, albeit a bit neater than it normally looked!)

We have a huge 'outdoor' area, that is actually technically indoors (fully enclosed), that forms part of the garage (it's a little hard to explain - come and visit and see for yourself!). Anyway, we've wanted to make the outdoor area an eating area and DD's play area. We've achieved the latter, but our boat (tinnie) is currently being stored in the other half of the area, so until we get it fixed, buy a cover for it and move it out to an arranged area at the school, we can't convert the other half of the area to an entertainment/eating area. This will come in time! But I digress, again! The toy box which was in the other room, was moved out to this area and I bought a few boxes so I could organise the toys so it was easier to keep them neat and tidy (DD has learned well that we pack up one box of toys, before we open another box to play with!)
DD playing happily on the foam alphabet mat. In the back ground are the toy box and individual boxes of toys... too many in my opinion! I'm slowly building up a craft box, which you can see on the shelf above the boxes!

This photo is looking back on the play area (sorry it's sideways... I STILL haven't worked out why that happens!! *$&@^#) The boat is currently stored to the immediate right of this picture

Since taking these pictures, I also brought out our portable CD player, which now sits on the shelf above the boxes and we play heaps of music during the day. DD loves dancing and giggles lots when Mummy or Daddy join in!

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  1. Looking Good Janelle! It's fun to swap things around and make spaces work! I've enjoyed back reading your posts from the last week...caught up with David Spanagle at the layworkers conference!