Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Fresh Start!

I thought it was time to get a new look for my blog and while I was at it, a new name! So, what's in a name? Well, the most obvious is the fact that Spring is my last name! Other reasons for my new blog name:

- I love the season Spring. The weather hasn't gotten too hot yet, (I'm not a hot weather kind of gal - ironically, we are now living in Cairns, so God does have a sense of humor!) and Spring brings new life; the plants are so green, the flowers full of colour and there are baby animals all around! What's not to like?!

- Speaking of new life, as a Christian, we have the ultimate new life in Christ. Easter, as suitably celebrated in Spring in America is proof of this. And although Easter as the 'one day a year' event has passed, we can celebrate Easter and our new life every day! That's pretty awesome!

- Starting this new blog, I feel like I'm 'Spring Cleaning" cyberspace. Over this week, I've been thoroughly cleaning the house from top to bottom and moving things around (you know when you move into a new house, you find places for everything, but after living there for a while, you realise there's better ways of putting things?)... well, I thought I should extend that cleaning to my blog... when I first started my original blog, I didn't come up with a catchy, interesting blog name. However, with all my friends' blogs that I keep up-to-date with, I was inspired to come up with something a little more creative. Admittedly, it's only a small leap from my original blog name (The Springs), but much softer and and not quite so rigid!.

So, "Forever Springtime"... appropriate, don't you think?!

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