Monday, October 1, 2012

April 2012 Date

Sadly, the "April" part of the title of this post is not a mistake.  This is, in fact, the update on what was meant to be our April Date, that we only got around to doing in September.  Big disappointment about that, but this is what happens when life gets in the way of, well, life!  For any new readers, or to remind some old readers, check out my Christmas Gift Box for Big Spring that gives some background to this date...

The Date Envelope:

Gift Voucher to Sizzlers
Gift Vouchers to the movies
Coupons for popcorn and drinks combo

The Plan:
The problem with planning dates well in advance is that things can go wrong/change.  For almost all of our dates so far, there's been some sort of hiccup!  Our April date was no exception!

We started off our date having dinner at Sizzlers.  One small hiccup there was that we'd both ordered steak with mash potatoes.  As soon as I ordered it, I was hanging out for that yummy mash.  When our meals were brought out, the steak came with fries instead.  When I asked about the mash, the waitress said that she could get a replacement, but it would take about 5 minutes.  We had a movie to get to, so I didn't want to risk running late, so decided to forgo the mash.  Never mind!

We got to the movies in plenty of time and went up to redeem our vouchers... sadly, the movie tickets I bought had expired at the end of July and were no longer valid.  My plan to pre purchase cheaper tickets and therefore having a cheaper date, fell by the way-side when I had to hand over money for 2 full priced tickets, not to mention the cost of the original tickets which were now useless! *sigh*!

We decided to look passed this, were grateful that the popcorn and drinks coupons were still valid and headed into the theatre to watch "The Bourne Legacy".  We've watched the first 3 "Bourne" movies many times (own them on DVD) and had been eagerly awaiting this next one.  We weren't too sure how it would go without Matt Damon and Jason Bourne no longer being the main focus of the storyline, but we quite enjoyed it and look forward to the next installment, whenever that may be.

So, despite the hiccups along the way, we enjoyed our Date Night and the time that gave us for some one-on-one quiet time was lovely!

The Memory:
Unfortunately I forgot to grab my phone off the kitchen bench before running out the door, so the photos below are a little low res as they were taken with an iPhone 3s, instead of my iPhone 4s!

Dinner at Sizzlers

Photos without a flash, sorry!  The happy couple above and below... popcorn and drink - what trip to the movies is complete without that?  Some people may argue that it wouldn't be complete without a choctop, but I've never really gotten that.  Icecream in a movie theatre just doesn't seem appealing to me!  Chocolate, for sure, but icecream?  Each to their own, I guess!

So, we have just entered the month of October, and I reluctantly report that we still have June and July's dates to complete... and for that reason, haven't even opened August or September's envelopes... nor Octobers come to think of it.  :o(


  1. :) oh Janelle! I'm glad you could see the positives and had a nice time. We haven't done April's...Junes...and another one too! BUT We are making our way through GOOD LUCK and I hope you get lots of fun dates soon! xx

  2. Well, I'm glad to hear that we're not the only ones behind in our dates! :)