Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update on 36 to 36

I've been fairly quiet on my blog.  Even so, I have been busy completing a few of my 36 to 36 tasks...

Number One...

Get the cross stitch I did for Little Spring (that I started before she was even born) finally framed.
This is currently at the framers... finally!  I should hopefully have it by the end of the week, so I'll let you see the final result!

Number Five...

Enroll Little Spring in 3 year old Kindy for next year.
Well, I haven't actually completed this one.  Due to the fact that I got a new job very unexpectedly, Little Spring is now attending day care.  Instead of enrolling her into 3 year old Kindy next year, we'll keep her at day care.  So, in some ways I did complete this task, enrolling her in Kindy-Day Care this year, but in other ways, this task has become irrelevant.

Number Ten...

Increase my Avon client base (I was going to put a number of how many clients to reach, but I can't control that entirely, so won't put a number.  I'm currently at 46, so will update you on how many I have this time next year!).
Hmm... another task that has kind of become irrelevant.  Instead of increasing my client base, I'm actually in the process of reducing it.  Even though it isn't hard to run my Avon business, and doesn't take up lots of time, it does take up some time.  Time that is taken away from spending it with my family, or time I could be spending on housekeeping, or preparing meals.  For this reason, I've decided to make my Avon business a completely 'online' affair.  I'll no longer be giving out brochures, but any client who wishes to do so, can view the brochure online and email me with their order each campaign.  This isn't suitable for a lot of clients, which is fair enough, but it means my client base will be reduced significantly.  I definitely won't be increasing my client base!

Number Twenty-Three

Go through Little Spring's clothes and send some to a dear friend who's just had a little girl.
I recently sent off my 2 final bags of clothes to my friend and her gorgeous little girl.  It's lovely knowing that many of Little Spring's clothes can continue to be loved by close friends!

Number Twenty-Four

With the rest of Little Spring's clothes, either sell through a pre-loved sale on FB or give to charity.
Many of the clothes were sold on Facebook.  And they were all bought by friends or family, so I'm very happy that strangers won't be wearing Little Spring's clothes!  Not that it really matters, but it does help when 'saying goodbye' to them.

So, 36 tasks, 8 crossed off, a few in progress and still many to complete!  We'll get there! :)

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