Thursday, October 11, 2012

#1 (36 to 36)

Number One on my list is now complete!  Very excited to tick this one off:

Get the cross stitch I did for Little Spring (that I started before she was even born) finally framed.
 On the way home from work, I picked this up from the framers:


The framers did an absolutely amazing job.  I am so, so pleased with the result!  It's such a good feeling to FINALLY get it completely finished and hanging up on the wall!

While I was getting the Pooh cross stitch done, I decided to finally get the gorgeous little picture below framed as well, which has also been patiently waiting to be framed.

I got this quaint little cross stitch from my beautiful cousin, Tammy (from the States).  The framers were wonderful in helping find the perfect frame, being an off-white, distressed one to make it appear like you were looking out of a country cottage window.  We were both totally on the same page and I'm very happy with it.

The framer ended up using "museum" glass in this piece - he had an off cut left over from another project so put it in this frame... so, Tammy, your cross stitch is fit for a museum... ready to showcase your talent!


  1. How good is it to get a project done that has been going on and on! :) Well done!

    1. Not good, GREAT! :)

      I hate having things sit in my intray, so it's always satisfying to reduce the pile!