Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicken Run

Today we visited a chicken farm. One of hubby's parishioners grows chickens for Steggles so he invited us out to take a look. The chicks had just been delivered so still very young, and very cute! It was quite interesting learning about the process of growing chicks on a commercial basis. Steggles deliver the chicks when they're a day old and come and collect them when they are 45 days old and not quite so cute anymore!

Darling Daughter (DD) wasn't quite so sure about the chicks at the beginning, but by the end she was loving them!

You'll have to ignore the wind, but here's DD having fun looking at the chicks

We're hoping to go back when they are ready to be taken by Steggles, so we'll give you an update next month!

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  1. So cute...I recognise that hand near the face...ahh not to sure if I want to touch that look in the eye! very sweet!