Saturday, July 9, 2011

24 Hours With the Girls

I had a blissful 24 hours over the past day, going away with some lovely ladies from the church who decided to go away overnight on a girls' retreat to Port Douglas. We had high expectations of foot spas, manicures and chick flicks on Friday night, but instead, we played games, went out to a beautiful Thai restaurant for dinner and came home to play more games until 1:30am!

Enjoying our time at the restaurant!

We had a bit of a sleep in the next morning and a beautiful breakfast of pancakes with a variety of topping options and fruit salad. Very filling!

We then continued playing games until we realised that it was lunch time, but no one was hungry because of the huge breakfast, so we finally made the decision to pack up and start heading home, with a detour to Thala Beach Lodge for a coffee or the like.

It's a gorgeous resort/hotel with breathtaking views, so we enjoyed sipping our tea/coffee/cocktails while nibbling on an antipasto platter and turkish bread with dukkah and coconut oil dip. Nothing too heavy after a big breakfast, but enough to tie us over until dinner!

Toblerone cocktail and View from our table

I arrived home to a daughter who had missed me and has started calling me "Mama" again, as opposed to "Dadda", which she had decided to start calling me since being up here in Cairns... even though she knew my name is Mama... sweet words to greet me walking through the door.

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