Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Girls' Weekend in Sydney Day 2

We all woke up on Day 2 with an adventure in mind... we were heading up to Channel 7 to look in on Sunrise being filmed live, with a hope to meeting the crew like we did last year.  We even had brought some gifts for them... a couple of souveniers from Cairns and framed limericks for each of them.  And we did get to meet them and present them with their gifts...

After Sunrise, we were then able to meet the lovely hosts of the Morning Show.  Larry and Kylie are always so friendly, but Kylie really made such a big fuss over the gifts and it just made us fall in love with her just that little bit more!  Don't worry, Larry was still his very charming self!

We then took advantage of our time in the city and did some shopping and lots of walking.  It was then time to get back to the hotel and prepare for the start of Colour 2014.  We had something very special organised for the first night!  Last year, we allocated colours to ourselves and used that as a bit of a theme and we decided to continue that again this year, but taking it up a notch!  One of our rooms became a hairdressing salon as we set up a process for colouring our hair!  The effect was pretty good, although I think my hair turned out more yellow than green!

These were our allocated seats for the night.  Unfortunately a little disappointing, being so very high up and right to the side, but we tried to make the most of it and decided to try our luck at the 'public' seating at the next session.

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