Saturday, March 23, 2013

Colour Conference

I attended my first Hillsong's Colour Conference 10 years this month.  Ever since then, I'd wanted to go back, but just never got around to it.

However, it finally happened again, and I made my way to Sydney for this wonderful event a couple weeks ago!  Some beautiful women from church came with me and we had a fantastic time.  More details about our adventure outside of the Conference will be available in another post.

What an amazing time we had at Colour.  The event was held in the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which seats 13,250. This was filled to capacity with women attending the conference and on the first night, as I looked around me, I was awestruck to think that all the women around me were praising Jesus.  It was lovely to know that there are so many women who are following Christ... and that was only small portion of all women in Australia, and the world!

Here are panorama shots of where we sat each session... we moved around each time, depending on the availability, and with one session, priority seating on the floor seats near the front.  Also included are other photos highlighting the session.

Thursday Night  - Opening Celebration


 Friday Morning and Afternoon Sessions

 Wendy Treat & Dr Caroline Leaf | Sisterhood Session

Dr Caroline Leaf

Some entertainment!

Sisterhood Session
(which was sadly just Brian Houston defending women in Ministry - whether I am for or against it, I just felt like this session was just him pushing an agenda onto us, rather than it being a discussion on something that I could take away and apply to my life)

My Sisters in Christ who I spent a wonderful time with.  We decided to dress the same for Colour!

Friday Night

Evening Celebration - Floor Seats! 

 Worship | Bobby Houston talking

  Can't be serious all of the time!

 Saturday Morning

Wendy Treat & Dr Caroline Leaf | Sisterhood Session 


Saturday Night

Closing Celebration 

Slipper Party!
(Free slippers when you registered for Colour 2014!)

A beautiful performance while they sang "Lanterns"

All those women praising God together... amazing!  Hillsong really know how to party!  We can't wait to do it all again next year!!

Praise God for a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring 2+ days!

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